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A Healthier World for everyone

What is the most important value in your life?

Let me guess; health? At least it should be. 

However, we know too well how easily health and well-being can be left aside. And it’s totally understandable. Natural reasons like chronic illnesses, stress from work or troubles in financial situations or relationships may challenge you in everyday life.  

Not to mention worrying about the health of your loved ones…that’s usually the heaviest burden to carry. What if you could do more than ‘be there’? Don’t get me wrong, listening and being around is a massive support. But with the right methods and techniques, you can not only help yourself feel better but also help your family get rid of many health problems. This is truly possible, and we will guide you on this path. This is why our courses and webinars exist!

On this page, you’ll find all the information about our courses and how to start your Haave journey. If you’re eager to get the answers right away, take the fast lane: watch our free introduction webinar here.

You might still be wondering, what is Haave Method all about? To put it simply: Haave Method is a powerful healing method that helps you get rid of your illnesses. It’s proven to have helped several people with all sorts of ailments. Yes, we hear you: please scroll down on this page for a specific list. 

With Haave Method, you can help yourself, your loved ones, and the whole community. It’s a bit crazy how widely you get to spread the results! We strongly believe that if you try Haave Method, you will experience the change you are looking for and live a better life.

Do you dare to give it a chance? We hope you do.
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“Every household should have an educated Haave Method healer. If people mastered the right tools and knowledge to prevent ailments, the world would be better for all of us.”

-Nino, one of the founding members of Haave Method

Is Haave Method the right choice for you?

It probably is if:

  • You suffer from back pain, migraines, depression, anxiety, fatigue, stress or other ailments. 
  • You often feel overwhelmed with your issues.
  • You want to help your loved ones or customers so that they would feel better physically and mentally. 
  • You have a feeling that ‘something is missing’ in your life.
  • You’re curious about improving the body-mind connection.
  • You want to experience something new and exciting.
  • You are looking for a change in your life. 

Did you check more than one box from the list? Yep, you need to try Haave Method. Don’t shelve it – start today!

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“We were skeptical at first. It’s a natural reaction towards the new and unknown. But we overcame our disbelief. Now it’s your turn.“

-Toni and Nino, the founding members of Haave Method

The benefits of Haave Method

Heal yourself and others
Haave helps many ailments – physical, mental, and emotional. When the mind and body are balanced, the quality of life improves.

Awaken your inner curiosity
Imagine a life where constant pain and anxiety will no longer limit your life. Utilizing the method, you can eliminate your illnesses, recognize your potential, and start living your dreams.

Add income sources
The money you invest in yourself today will quickly pay off in the form of new business & customers. Up to 30 percent of those who took part in our courses have received new job opportunities with Haave Method.

Vary a set of tested methods
Haave Method combines elements of acupuncture, energy healing, chiropractic, meditation, and reiki. The versatile tools are a result of careful testing. You can safely try the Haave Method as an alternative to modern forms of treatment. By progressing through the course path, you will learn how to choose the optimal tools depending on the situation.

Enjoy your everyday life
Yes, that is possible, and we believe in you! Each of us has the right to a healthier life that feels meaningful and makes us happy. By studying the Haave Method, you can experience significant changes in your life. Many of our customers have noticed changes even after one treatment session.

“I received treatment for lower back pain and emotional issues. When I went to energy healing, I found out that my lower back was misaligned. Once the wrong position was corrected, the pains disappeared immediately. I also got help with emotional issues, so they completely disappeared too.”


Start the Haave Method learning path

Courses can be taken one by one in a specific order. First course lays the foundation on everything and the next course sets up the next and so forth. You shouldn’t rush it. Take your time on each course and actually practice what you learn from there.

There will be a number of different courses and here we list only the first three which are the most important ones.

Course 1

Physical Body healing

The first course focuses on learning how to heal the physical body. In this course, you will learn how to fix scoliosis, a frozen shoulder, different sorts of back pains and several other ailments in the body. Yes we know it sounds a bit bold, but there is no point in underestimating what this method is capable of.
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Course 2

Energy Body healing

In course 2, you will learn techniques that help you to release stress. We all experience stress from time to time, accumulating in our bodies, which manifests in various pains and illnesses. Course two will teach you how to influence the autonomic nervous system to make the whole body work more efficiently.

We will explore energy healing concepts and tackle energy body issues. You will learn what an energy body is, how it relates to the physical one, and how it affects our health. After this course, you can remove stress within a few minutes.

Oddly enough, people tend to notice the effects of this course’s treatments much more than that of the previous course, even though this course doesn’t touch the physical body at all. How weird is that? It’s almost as if stress is the biggest culprit behind most of our problems.

Course 3

Emotion Body healing

The third course focuses on healing from fears, phobias, and traumas. More information is coming later!

Examples of ailments we have successfully treated with the Haave Method

Below is a list of our customers’ symptoms that they got help with using the Haave Method. This list is not a promise that we will cure all the problems in question. The treatment results are always individual because everyone’s body reacts to the treatment differently. But if it has helped so many others, why not give it a try?

  • Stress
  • All kinds of back pains
  • Scoliosis
  • Depression
  • Misalignments of the pelvic area
  • Strain injuries
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Migraine headache
  • Inflammations
  • Anxiety
  • Blood pressure
  • Prolonged flu and sore throat
  • Asthma
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Ulcer
  • Phobias
  • Panic disorder

Learning the Haave Method can relieve symptoms after only a few treatment sessions at best. What if you could finally get rid of your illnesses? What if you could find the potential deep inside you that you didn’t even know existed? Start the first course, and you’ll see.

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