How did it all start?

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The Story of Haave Method

“Our story started at the point where you might find yourself right now: despair, the fading of hope, the feeling that nothing matters. When I was at my darkest, my friend made me try one more thing: energy healing. At first, the treatments didn’t work for me while my friend was getting a lot of help for his health issues. But after six months, I also felt significantly better. We became curious: could this be helpful to others as well?”

The vision of Haave Method forms around this curiosity. We dream that you and your loved ones could live a healthier life. We want to help you get stronger because when you get rid of pain and illnesses, life starts to feel more meaningful, you become more aware of your dreams and ambitions, and you get the courage to start doing the things that are truly important to you.

The world needs more caring to make it a better place. When your own life is in balance, you can best help others. That’s why we believe that every household should have a Haave Method healer.

-Toni and Nino, the founding members of Haave Method 

Your teachers

An enthusiastic team of dedicated professionals

Our team comes together to understand humanity more profoundly and learn more about alternative forms of treatment. Our goal is to create the most effective treatments that vary smartly with the needs of different people. We continuously develop the Haave Method and search for more effective treatments.

People like you make the Haave Method. Our method has been helpful for all kinds of people in pain – regardless of age, gender or type of illness. Haave Method is your choice when you want to try something new, but joining a tribe of gurus doesn’t feel attractive. You know these personas that insist you start your morning with mystic rituals or mantras – don’t worry, that’s not what Haave Method is about. You are welcome to join our courses just the way you are.

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Toni Harri and Nino Tuovinen, Haave-Method.
Toni Harri, Haave-Method expert.
We have a dream

“The name of Haave Method comes from the Finnish word haave. The literal translation is something like a vision or a dream. The name of Haave Method refers to our dream: better health for you, your loved ones and other people around you.”

-Toni Harri, one of the founding members of Haave-Method

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Through disbelief and testing to actual treatment results

When we noticed the effects of energy healing on our well-being, we needed to study everything possible related to alternative forms of treatment. We tested our findings with our loved ones and got incredible results. 

All this led to developing our own effective and down-to-earth treatment protocol. We wanted to find physical explanations for why a specific technique worked and brought therapeutic effects. 

Hours of studying, searching for and refining information, thousands of hours of treatments, and answers were right in front of us. We did all this work so that it would be as easy as possible for you to explore alternative treatments and get help with your problems.

You are warmly welcome to join our community. Your Haave journey begins by signing up for a free webinar. Don’t wait any longer – you have every chance to live a better life.
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Haave Method

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