Healing back pain with hands, Haave-Method.
What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a broad concept. There are many different forms of energy healing, depending on the mechanism through which the treatment works. Energy healing generally refers to (but not always) techniques that work through the so-called energy system of the human body, as defined by Chinese medicine.

In our experience, the treatment mainly affects the autonomic nervous system, but it also has a direct impact on the cellular level. This effect can be seen in scientific experiments that have been conducted on energy healing in cellular studies.

Some well-known forms of energy healing include Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Healing Touch. Homeopathy can also be considered a form of energy healing, as its effect is not based on chemical action like medications.

Because there are many different types of energy healing techniques and each practitioner is unique, it is worth trying several different energy healers if the first one does not achieve the desired results.

The success of energy healing depends to some extent on the technique used, but the experience and expertise of the practitioner are even more important. Energy healing techniques themselves are just tools, so how and where they are applied determines to a large extent the outcome of the treatment.

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What does energy healing help with?

Energy healing primarily affects the human body through the autonomic nervous system. As the autonomic nervous system controls almost all bodily functions, the effects of energy healing are very comprehensive. In practice, this means that energy healing can be effective in treating a wide variety of conditions.

It is generally thought that a specific treatment is needed for a particular condition. This is true in Western medicine, where usually symptoms are treated rather than the underlying cause, which is often unknown. In energy healing, however, we don’t focus the treatment only on the symptom but the overall health and vitality of the body are also enhanced. When the body is made to function more efficiently and is shifted from a chronic stress state to a healing state, any symptom can disappear. Even things like scoliosis can be straightened with the knowledge from our first course alone.

Almost all chronic problems are partially or entirely due to the body’s chronic stress state. The problem can be pain or depression, a craving for chocolate, or kidney failure. Energy healing is often helpful when Western medicine cannot provide a solution. In these cases, the problem is usually an autonomic nervous system imbalance caused by chronic stress, and medical examinations and tests may not find any reason for the symptoms. In such cases, patients may be told that they are “imagining their problems”, even though it is a genuine bodily disorder.

We do not advocate pitting alternative medicine against Western medicine. Both have their advantages, and both should be used together so that the patient can receive the most effective and safe treatment. Energy healing is not a substitute for Western medicine, but rather one missing piece of the puzzle that makes up a person’s well-being. By combining Western medicine and energy healing like our Physical Body healing, we could achieve a whole new level of disease prevention and treatment.

The basic principle of how energy healing can help is that it can help with almost any type of problem. It is not about the type of symptom, but rather about the underlying cause behind each individual’s issue. Two different people may have the same symptom, but the underlying causes can be completely different. This can lead to one person receiving help after just one treatment, while another may need multiple treatments. Nobody can know for sure how quickly you will receive help with your condition until we have performed at least one treatment and seen how your body responds to it.

We have achieved good treatment results for a wide range of different types of symptoms. Treatment results can be seen here.

Do I have to believe in the treatment for it to work?

No, you don’t.

Energy healing is not “faith healing”, as it is unfortunately sometimes called in the media by people who simply don’t know what they’re talking about.

The healing effect is not based on a placebo or suggestion either. These explanations are often used to explain the healing effect of energy healing because the real effect is not understood.

It can be said that there is probably mostly misinformation about energy healing out there, and this is a shame because many people who do not otherwise receive help from the healthcare system could benefit from these treatments.

The most common misconceptions about energy healing are:

  • Energy healing is a placebo (In other words, you have to believe in the treatment for it to work) – Not true, the treatment works just the same on skeptics as it does on animals or cell cultures.
  • There is no scientific evidence for energy healing – Not true, there are plenty of good scientific studies out there.
  • Energy healing requires special abilities – Not true, anyone can do effective treatments.
  • Energy healing is mysticism – Not true, the healing effect can be explained to a large extent physiologically.

How then does the treatment produce results if it’s not mysticism? The treatment directly affects the autonomic nervous system, which maintains, among other things, heart rate, digestion, and many other automatic functions of the body.

Modern chronic diseases are largely caused by chronic stress and poor lifestyle choices. Chronic stress, in particular, causes disruptions in the autonomic nervous system where energy healing techniques are especially effective.

Since the autonomic nervous system is not under the control of conscious thought, belief or lack of belief in the treatment does not affect its effectiveness.

Just as a skeptic cannot influence their own digestion with their mind, their disbelief has no effect on the effectiveness of energy healing. The treatment works at a level that the conscious mind cannot access, so conscious beliefs do not affect the efficacy of healing techniques. One piece of evidence for this is that treatment works particularly effectively on animals.

In addition to the autonomic nervous system, the treatment also affects the cellular level, as evidenced by scientific experiments in which cell cultures were given energy healing.

The therapeutic effect is therefore physiological and multi-layered, completely separate from conscious beliefs.

What is done in the treatment?

The method we developed, the Haave-Method, includes several different techniques. Depending on the client and the type of ailment, each treatment session may be slightly different and consist of different techniques.

Generally, the treatment process follows a certain basic pattern:


Step 1: Initial Interview

At the beginning of the treatment, we ask about the symptoms and investigate possible causes for the symptom. If energy healing is a new concept for the client, we explain in more detail what the treatment is based on and what the goals of the treatment are.





Step 2: Fixing misalignments and postural errors with energy healing

The first step of the treatment usually involves measuring and correcting postural errors. Regardless of the condition, we usually fix the postural errors first because it is essential that there are no tensions in the deep 

muscles and that the spine is straight. A crooked spine can cause nerve compression between the vertebrae, leading to many symptoms.

During this stage, we go through the entire body and identify any postural errors, such as different leg lengths, pelvic and hip misalignments, skull bones, and the spine. Postural errors are measured and corrected.



Step 3: Use of other techniques

After the joint adjustment, usually, 1-4 other techniques are performed depending on the customer’s condition.

If the customer has come for treatment for depression, for example, emotional stress accumulated there through traumas can be released at this point. The release of emotional stress can be done with several different techniques depending on whether the customer knows the traumatic events that are causing the symptoms. Stress relief can be done using either the conscious mind or solely through the body/subconscious.



Step 4: Pain treatment

If the client still has pain after the first two steps, the last technique we use is pain treatment.

This step is done last because usually correcting postural errors eliminates pain, and this step is not always needed. However, if the client still feels pain or feels that their shoulders are still stiff, this step is taken. At this stage, over 90% of clients have the remaining pain removed.




Step 5: Final Discussion

When the treatment is over, the client is informed about the postural errors found in their body and how well they were corrected. Sometimes more persistent postural errors may require several treatment sessions, and this is also explained at the end of the treatment. The client is also informed about what to expect after the treatment and whether additional treatment is needed. The client may also be interested in discussing the sensations they felt during the treatment or may have other questions related to the treatment.



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